We've all been through it before. We are sitting in our new classes after winter break and we're watching everyone walk in and there he is. His name for now is: "Cute Guy In Class". You know how it goes, the two of you will lock eyes a few times during class and you'll be thinking, "Maybe I should talk to him," but you know you're too nervous to do anything that silly! Therefore I have composed the holy grail of things we would love to say to "Cute Guy In Class".

1. Hey!

I have to start out simple and sweet, right?

2. How are you?

I genuinely care and I am absolutely not using general information to create and continue conversation.

3. What's today's date?

I actually do know the date, but I'm going to act like I don't that way I can talk to you.

4. What do you like to do for fun?

I need to know for future reference...

5. Oh, so you play _____?

I don't know anything about this sport besides the name of it, so enlighten me that way I can enjoy watching you play!

6. That's so cool that you're from _____!

I never been there. Tell me about it!

7. What's your favorite color?

If you say blue... Man, we have so much in common.

8. What's you major?

Okay, so I know everyone hates this question, but it IS kind of important.

9. Mine is English and Spanish. Maybe we could study together some time!

I mean for our class together, of course.

10. Or, you know, we could just hang out like as friends. You know really casual, not a date kind of thing. Unless you want it to be then it definitely can be, but you know, like really whatever you want.

(PLEASE SAY YOU WANT IT TO BE A DATE) *smiles sweetly*

11. You're really cute and I've wanted to tell you since the first day of class, but I've been scared.

I just think you should know if you didn't already, but you probably see the way I look at you because I mean.. HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF?

12. Oh, you think I'm cute too? Well, all I can say is that I try (only for you though).

I don't wear makeup and do my hair every MWF just to feel good about myself... well, okay maybe I do, but it's for you too. Trust me.

13. Thanks for being my best friend.

Our friendship has blossomed beautifully.

14. What?! Of course, I'll be your girlfriend. I'm going to be the best girlfriend.

I will send you dog pictures and videos and we can sit and watch them all day while I compose playlists of our favorite songs and we can just discover things about each other.

15. I told you I was going to be the best girlfriend. Didn't I and aren't I living up to it? Yes, I know. I'm great.

You're pretty great too, but just not as great as me.

16. You're welcome.

One of us had to have the courage to talk to one another. Might as well have been me!

17. Talk to me that way I won't make a fool of myself when I say these things!

Please, just initiate the conversation so I don't have to!