Girls, If You Like Him, Tell Him While You Still Can

Girls, If You Like Him, Tell Him While You Still Can

Don't let him become another "what-if"

In high school, you had a crush on one of the dreamiest boys you'd ever seen. And even though you had so many chances to tell him how you felt, you let him get away. You let him slip right through your fingers and he fell into the arms of some other girl, and while you're trying your best to be happy for them, you can't help but wonder if you could've been in her place.

Now you're in college, and you're eyeing that cutie in the first row of your biology lecture hall. Or you've been working up the nerve to finally initiate a conversation with that regular at the bar down the street. Or your best friend is all but shoving you over the counter and into the barista who makes your face even hotter than your morning coffee.

As hard as it may seem, you need to clench your fists, stand your ground, and do it. Tell him that you like him. Ask him out to a movie that Friday night. Just confess your feelings and save your doubts for another day.

Maybe you've kept quiet because you're afraid that he'll reject you. But so what if he does? It feels sucky at the time and maybe for a day or two after, but then you'll be right back on your feet and ready to try again when the next guy comes along. Rejection isn't a pleasant feeling, but if you don't take a chance at being turned down, you're also cheating yourself out of a chance for him to say yes.

For all you know, he could've been harboring the biggest crush on you since the start of the semester, but he was the one who was too shy to seek you out first. He would really appreciate you being so forward (confidence is sexy, after all!). Even if he didn't want to go out with you, he'll know that you're not afraid to go after what you want, and if he's a decent guy at all, he'll respect you for that.

If he doesn't have feelings for you, it simply just wasn't meant to be. And while it hurts in the moment to know that you will never be his girlfriend, step back and praise yourself for diving in head-first. Not everyone has the guts to make themselves vulnerable and confess to romantic feelings, but you did, and for that, you should think very highly of yourself.

So if you're absolutely crazy about him, you'd be crazy not to pursue him. It's the equivalent of ripping off a bandage; take a few seconds to breathe, then go for it with everything you've got.

No matter what happens, you're a strong, beautiful, and capable woman and you should never let a silly little crush convince you to believe otherwise.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

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If You Go Into Summer 2019 Only Wanting A Summer Fling, You're Only Going To Be Disappointed

They may be fun but sometimes come with consequences.


We've all been through the summer flings. Summer is THE season where you have no commitment and are as free as can be with no care in the world. I've been on both ends of summer flings, from having one and cutting things off when summer ended and having one and gaining feelings for the other person... I've actually been dating my summer fling from 2017 for almost a year and a half now which was totally unexpected.

Back in Summer 2017, I was newly single and wasn't intentionally looking for a relationship since I just got out of one. I had a couple of small flings in the beginning, nothing serious at all. Until I met a boy in July from social media. We started talking and hit it off. We had a lot in common and enjoyed a lot of the same things. After a few weeks of talking, some flirting and a couple of dates... we had a fling going on. We weren't committed or anything, but we were both interested in each other. Long story short, I ended up really liking this guy and I could feel our fling diminishing, so I guess you could say I played some hard to get and "won" him over for good. It took a lot and I could definitely say it wasn't a care-free summer since I was trying to get him to make it official with me but now, here we are as boyfriend and girlfriend still to this day.

From my experiences and from friends experiences, summer flings almost always end with someone falling for you or you falling for them. And if you're really not looking for a relationship after summer, it can be quite hassle ending things for good due to feelings. Summer flings can also take time away from your family and friends. Everyone knows spending summer with someone you're interested in is fun, although it most likely won't be permanent, so why waste your time on them when you could be making those summer memories with your friends who will be there always?

A lot of the times, summer flings just involve hooking up and casual dates... nothing too serious. They don't involve "relationship" type feelings. But when you start to gain attachment to that person, sometimes they won't care like you do since summer flings are meant to be temporary. Of course, the person you have a fling with is someone you're into or at least think is good looking and when you find out you're not their only summer fling, jealousy can hit. Like stated above, summer is the season of no worries, and you shouldn't let jealousy take over your care-free attitude.

Summer flings, almost all the time, end in some sort of heartbreak when that isn't the intention in the beginning at all. But other times, they do work out and you guys call it quits and both move on or both end up in a relationship with each other (which was my case and I couldn't be happier to this day!). So, if your plan is to have a fling this upcoming summer, make sure you plan ahead for any type of scenarios that could potentially happen as well as know what you both want in the end.

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