We live in a technology run world. Microwaves let us instantly heat up and eat our food. The TV gives us instant entertainment. And then there's our phone. We can get practically ANYTHING instantly from our phone. All of the knowledge ever known to man is on that brick in our pocket. Everything we could seemingly ever need or want is just a tap or touch away. But what about authentic things? Things that require time and growth and nurture? Like love and relationships.

Sure you could argue, "well I can call someone up immediately" or "risqué pictures are just a tap away when I need them." But that's not love. That's not a relationship. That's convenience and instant gratification. Love requires patience - a virtue we have little of left.

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So when people discourage long distance relationships, I ask why. "Well, it's just not realistic" or "it's too hard. How can you trust someone over distance?"

Before phones and computers and FaceTime and email, there was silence, patience, and the occasional letter. There was waiting, praying, and hoping. Read that sentence one more time. When did you last have to wait, pray, or hope in regards to a relationship? So if you want a real test of love, try time and distance. Time apart from another. Time spent in silence and solitude praying and hoping instead of instant communication via text 24/7. Try distance, it makes the heart grow fonder right? The very best things in life come after a time of waiting. The best thoughts and ideas and creativity come after a time of distance from the technology world, often in a place of nature. The best friendships come after some sort of distance because it makes you that much more thankful for their presence.

Time is something we all claim to have none of, but we can always make time. We make time for Instagram right? And distance is something we avoid with everything in us. We like convenience, ease, and comfort. Why would we ever distance ourselves from something or someone we love? Because it grows patience, gratitude, perseverance, and trust. All things that only strengthen and nurture a relationship. Want to test the love in yours? Try time and distance.