SPOILERS ALERT: "The Bachelor"

Here's the thing: breaking up with someone on a reality dating show like "The Bachelor" isn't exactly a normal thing to do. I KNOW THAT. But if there's one thing I can say confidently, it's that everyone — whether on television or in real life — knows you do not... like, absolutely do not... tell someone they'll "meet someone amazing one day" while you're breaking up with them.

It's the unofficial first rule of breakups. Or at least I'm making it so.

In tonight's episode, we watched Peter (who's raised many red flags this season) say this exact phrase to Victoria P and Mykenna as he sent them home. Victoria scoffed at him when he told her that and said something along the lines of "I know!" While Mykenna said (not verbatim) "Yea, well I wanted that to be you, Peter!"

Collectively, the two of their reactions were pretty much exactly what anyone could ever possibly say to that other than "Seriously, dude? WTF?"

Because one, nobody wants to think about the person they'll date next while they're having their heartbroken and two, nobody wants to hear that the "amazing person" they'll one day be with or marry won't be the person standing right in front of them.

All I can say is, if you take absolutely nothing else from this crazy season of "The Bachelor," you should at least know what not to say during a breakup.

Because "you'll meet someone amazing one day" is just rubbing salt in the wound, which is always far from ideal. Let's not do that, OK?

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