"The Bachelor" Season 24 finale was just a few days ago and I'm still cringing. The whole thing was a mess.

But if Barb's "he has to fail to succeed" quote from "After The Final Rose" was any spoiler for what was to come, the news about Peter and Madison's split likely didn't come as a surprise to you. Because how could it really with that much tension in the room?

That said... there is surely a reason they didn't work out and I'm convinced it was a combination of a few of the below theories (some of which we predicted before the finale). Regardless, though, here are 10 theories that are floating around for exactly why Peter and Madi broke up just three days after "The Bachelor" finale:

1. Madison and Peter's mom, Barb, couldn't get along

Given Madi's faith and how close Peter is to his mother, coupled with how much family means to both of them, this was never going to work out.

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2. They were never actually in a relationship post-proposal, it was all for "The Bachelor" storyline and ratings

I mean, come on, Barb straight up said Peter "has to fail to succeed." That wasn't a prediction, that was an admission of facts.

3. Madison is filming another show now

Remember when we all thought she was going to be the next Bachelorette because photos surfaced of her filming something? Well... something's brewing, folks.

4. Peter and Kelley are actually together

Kelley of all people wasn't invited to the "Women Tell All"? Then she was invited to "After The Final Rose"? SUSPICIOUS. Plus, his parents follow her on Insta and are constantly commenting on her stuff, which is weird. BUT! Nick Viall recently posted on Instagram saying Kelley wasn't with Peter, to which Chris Harrison commented saying "Loved seeing you guys get so cozy last night. Here for it."

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5. Peter hasn't shut the door on his relationship with Victoria F.

Could you imagine...?!?

6. Peter found love with one of "The Bachelor" producers

Hmm... very very interesting.

7. Madison couldn't move passed the fact that he proposed to Hannah Ann

This is reasonable, honestly. Proposals aren't just words meant to be thrown around and I'm sure Madison didn't think that was a small deal. No chance she decided to leave because he had sex with someone else but could get over the fact that he proposed to someone else.

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8. Madison couldn't look passed his other relationships once she watched the season

Peter raised so many red flags throughout the season for viewers, so I can't even imagine what it would have been like for Madison (or Hannah Ann or any of the other girls, for that matter) to watch it back.

9. Their lifestyles were just too different

As Barb (so uncomfortably) mentioned, Peter's a partier and sex is a big part of his life. Madison just doesn't live that life.

10. Madison started hanging out with Selena Gomez

No offense, Pete, but yea... seems like a reasonable upgrade for sure.

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