If you haven't watched tonight's episode of "The Bachelor," you're in for a wild ride once you do because (spoiler alert) Peter has a lot of cleaning up to do to get rid of this mess.

After the drama from Victoria F's ex-boyfriend Chase Rice (*swoon*) serenading her and Peter unexpectedly on their one-on-one (brilliant work, producers), a football game that ended with bruises, tears, and a tied score, and Alayah coming back to get the group date rose... to say everything was a disaster would be an understatement.

Because of all of this, it's crystal clear that both Peter and all the women on the show are lacking many of the qualities necessary for a successful relationship — not to mention marriage. Hear me out!

The fact that Peter is so easily swayed to make decisions that go against his heart (getting rid of Alayah, for instance) is a number one concern in my mind, but even if we put that aside, he says he trusts one girl and then changes his mind. What kind of trust is that and where is the open communication about it?

Similarly, most of the women have proven themselves to be equally as unable to communicate their feelings and emotions without jumping to point fingers at the other women. From all sides it's an absolute mess and what are they doing while the storm is brewing? Playing the Blame Game. It's a tale as old as time... if you're in HIGH SCHOOL, not looking for your future spouse.

But listen, these things just don't fly (not an intentional pilot pun, just go with me here) in a relationship and if Peter is looking for marriage, he needs to prove he knows what honesty, trust, communication, and mature problem solving look like.

Currently, I don't see he has these things with any of them and there's only so much time — watching him waste it away is quite an exhausting (yet thoroughly entertaining) way to spend my Monday nights.

Of course, the same goes for the girls. But thankfully Peter can choose who gets to stay and I'm hoping he'll pick the ones who actually use their words for good and not tattling and lies. Maybe then we'll see some real love start to form.

Please, Petey, get it together for next week. I'm rooting for you!

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