Last night was the first episode of Peter the Pilot's season of "The Bachelor" and, as always, each of the contestants pulled out all the stops to stand out from the others.

One woman came in wearing a windmill, another popped out of a luggage (yes, a literal luggage), and another came in a paper airplane. Of course, as things always do, the limousine intros went from fun to a bit steamy with some naughty jokes and even... a kiss.

Yes, as Savannah got out of the limo, she blindfolded Peter, whispered some sweet nothings to him, and kissed him — while he was blissfully unaware that it was going to happen at all. In other words, without him consenting.

Consent (n): compliance in or approval of what is done or proposed by another OR agreement as to action or opinion

Based on the above, very basic definition from Merriam-Webster, there's no arguing the fact that Peter didn't consent to the kiss. Though the kiss itself was innocent enough and Peter seemed to enjoy it, it is incredibly problematic for anyone to assume they can do what they want because the other person might like it or, in this case, it'll help them stand out.

Had one of Hannah B's men stepped out of the limo, blindfolded her, and kissed her without her approval, everyone would have been up in arms and it should be no different for a woman kissing Peter. Consent, regardless of who the person is, is non-negotiable. Period.

*Takes deep breath.*

Anyway, if tonight's any sign of what we're in for this season, there will definitely be a lot of turbulence. Perhaps, as Chris Harrison might say, the most turbulent season yet.

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