As the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired on Tuesday night, Bachelor Nation was eager to learn the identity of the new bachelor. None other than Peter Weber, better known as "Pilot Pete" was revealed to be our new bachelor. While there have been some mixed reactions to the news, I could not have been more excited for the announcement and here is why.

1. He's easy on the eyes.

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Hannah meets the Webers

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I mean, have you ever seen a picture of Peter Weber? Yeah, he is a complete and total babe who will have all the girls on the new season of "The Bachelor" literally swooning.

2. He's apparently a really good dancer.

3. He's a normal guy.

Overall, Peter seems like a really normal guy within "The Bachelor" world: he's authentic, so it will be easy to picture what life would be like with him after his run on "The Bachelor."

4. He's well-traveled since he's a pilot.

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Rarefied Air

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5. He has a huge heart.

Throughout the entire season of "The Bachelorette," it was clear how sweet Peter was from the very beginning. It took him longer to open up, but once he did he wore his entire heart on his sleeve. That was such a beautiful thing to see, even when he was broken up with by his Bachelorette he had nothing but love and respect for her.

6. He likes to have fun.

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7. He's a family man.

It was evident how much of a family-oriented person Peter is at his hometown date. Peter is such a family guy, which just makes the audience fall even more in love with him.

8. He's a dog guy.

9. He's a little awkward, but he owns it.

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Link in bio for dance lessons 👌🏼

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Boy, there were sometimes Peter was so smooth, other times not so much (i.e. Picking Hannah up to put her on the pool table), but he just completely owns his awkward moment and I love that about him.

"The Bachelor" returns to ABC on January 6, 2020.

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