I asked 18 people to tell me what their favorite kinds of sex are. The question was completely open-ended: it could be a specific position, a situation, a point in their relationship, anything. The answers I received were amazing and enlightening. Here are the 21 kinds of sex young adults are dying to have:

1. Angry sex

Because everything is so passionate from the fighting, that sex is the only way to calm it down

- Female, 24

2. Oral sex 

Oral sex is the best kind of sex due to the intimacy and pleasure that you bring to the other person and that the other person brings to you

- Female, 22

3. High sex

It's like you tap into another kind of sense of touch

- Female, 20

4. Anal sex 

It's what works best for my partner and me

- Female, 22

(And apparently, she's not alone! More people than expected have admitted to having anal before.)

5. Emotional, passionate sex

Ain't no one got time for meaningless encounters.

- Female, 21

6. Missionary 

While missionary gets a bad rep for being boring, it's the best for the person on the bottom (usually the girl). It's such a close intimate position because your partner is right there, you get to lie down and relax, and it's the only position I can finish in.

- Female, 20

7. Romantic sex

The kind of sex with someone you love and trust completely, where after you feel safe wrapped up in each other's arms

- Female, 20

8. When you need a minute to bring your brain back into your body

If the sex was really good and you're okay just laying on opposite sides of the bed until you cool off

- Female, 20 (same as #7)

9. When distance makes the heart grow fonder 

"I've missed you" sex

- Female, 19

10. Drunk sex

Because we're both giggly and happy

- Female, 19

11. That happy feeling

Being in love with the other person and orgasming at the same time definitely takes the cake

- Female, 22

12. Total comfort

When you've been together for long enough that you totally know each other's bodies and both finish every time, even if it's a quickie.

- Female, 20

13. Doggy style 

I get the most pleasure out of that one

- Female, 21

It's the perfect way to get spanked and have my hair pulled

- Female, 22

14. Cowgirl

The woman gets to be in control

- Female, 22

15. Wild sex when high

All the inhibitions and walls come down and it's an amazing sensory experience

- Male, 27

16. Rough, passionate sex 

There's no better sex than when you are both completely comfortable with each other and you know what each other wants and that makes you feel connected in a certain way. I personally like rougher sex (hair pulling, choking, gagging, pinning me down etc). And when I trust a guy enough to do all those things there is some type of passion that develops. It's a different type of intimacy that I crave. It's almost like full submission to that person. I have only found that with two men (who I am still sleeping with) and my sex life has never been more satisfying.

- Female, 22

17. Heart-to-heart sex

Sex after a heart-to-heart. There's no better time to be physically close to your partner than when you're emotionally close to them too.

- Female, 20

18. Long-time-coming sex 

There's no better sex than with someone you've waited so long to be with. Whether it's a crush you can finally have or you and your partner choose to wait, the longer the sex has been coming, the sweeter it is when it finally happens.

- Female, 20

19. Sneaky sex

Whether your roommate's sleeping across the room or someone will be home any minute, sneaky sex is the best sex. It's fueled by the passion of the moment, is quick and straight to the point, and has the added thrill of risking getting caught.

- Female, 20

20. Make-up sex

Why apologize to your partner any other way than with your body?

- Female, 23

21. Munchie sex 

Post-Sex Pizza Is The Best Way To Get To Know Someone

Have great sex, then eat a pizza after.

- Female, 22