My best friend is getting married and as a bridesmaid, I got to go with her while she shopped for the wedding dress of her dreams. Before you go, read over these dos and don'ts (which I learned firsthand) of finding the perfect dress to say "I do" to — and in.

1. DO keep an open mind

Sometimes we think we know what fits us the best or looks the best on us, but sometimes different styles can surprise us.

2. DO bring people you trust


You need to have people there who will be honest but not hurtful.

3. DO consider other people's opinions

Sometimes other people can see something that you might be blind to at the moment.

4. DON'T let their voices overpower your own opinions, though


If you love something they hate, don't write it off right away.

5. DON'T be afraid to say how you feel

If you don't like a dress, you don't have to get it. If you LOVE a dress than let your wedding crew know that you love this one.

6. DON'T settle


Do NOT settle for the first dress you kind of like. This is your wedding day the dress has to be perfect.

7. DON'T be upset if you can't find the one that day

Not finding your dress the first time you shop is completely normal.

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