Being an old school romantic today is difficult.

And when I say difficult I mean, putting a man on the moon difficult. People today have ruined the idea of dating and long lasting relationships. Everyone wants a one night stand without any feelings or mention of seeing each other again. This culture people have created baffles me.

I love dates, meeting someone new and finding out what makes them tick.

Today all you get is a message at 3:00 AM saying "hey, wanna hang out?"

Who does that?

This isn't high school, it's college. While other people are out doing hookups, I'm searching for something lasting with someone who views a relationship the same way I do. Maybe it was the way I was brought up. Or just my views of the world. But I haven't found someone on the same (as I like to call it) wavelength as myself when it comes to relationships.

It's hard, seeing other friends in relationships or talking to people they might date.

I've finally come to terms with my past relationship and I'm ready to try and date. But starting is the problem. I talk to someone for a few days and then they never respond or a red flag pops up. I've only been at it a week and I'm tired of it already. Starting from square one in a hookup culture, I'm out of practice. It's draining, talking to guys who are, yes upfront about what they want, but the minute I say no begin to get offended. They try to persuade me, and I'm sitting there un-matching with them or unfriending them. I have no time for that. I have a right to be picky about who I want to date now.

I'm not in a huge hurry to jump into another relationship.

But having someone to spend time with, and morph into something more is my ideal. Maybe I'm too picky, but then again I know what I want, and how I want to be treated.

All I can hope is that I find someone I'm on the same wavelength with.

But until then, I'm going to be a fish out of water in this hookup culture. Sitting at home with my friends and my books.