When I was 18-years old, I had a breast reduction.

Prior to my procedure, my confidence was gone. Every time I looked in the mirror, literally all I could see about myself was boob. Nothing else. It gave me a complex. I didn't like the way I looked. It hurt my back. I have permanent indents where my heavy bra used to sit on my shoulders. My back ached, and I felt disproportionate.

Then, I lost five pounds off my chest!

They removed what had burdened me my entire adolescent life.

I had never felt better. I got questions like "Whoa! Did it hurt?" Of course, it did! I expected these kinds of questions and honestly felt semi-prepared. It was a big change. Anyone who had known me from before noticed it was a big change. I was happy to talk about it. And honestly, for a while, that's all I really did.

Then, I got some REAL weird questions. I work at a store where I have to do bra fittings frequently, and was able to use my experience with a breast reduction to really connect with my customers, and hopefully make them more comfortable with their size (big or small!). I was really getting some weird questions from all sorts of people now: friends, strangers, family...anybody.

Here are some of those questions, for example, that you should seriouuuuusly (probably definitely) stop asking women who choose to get a breast reduction. And yeah, these were real questions from real people.

1. Can I see them?

Umm......no. No, you may not.

2. Can I touch them?

Again...that's a big no from me, fam.

3. Are they real?

Yes, yes, they are. Things were removed...not added.

4. Okay, but...can I poke them?

Dude, no.

5. Do you still, like, have nipples though?

Yeah, yeah, I do. I'm not the Kyle XY of titties.

6. Do you have scars?

I hate this question. It always gets led up with, "Can I see them?" And on the off chance I show my scars (on my side where they cut me open all the way back to my armpits) it ends with, "Ew. Gross. That sucks."

FOR REAL?? Just don't be rude???

7. But aren't you afraid boys, like, won't think you're attractive?

Okay, number one. Your breast size doesn't define you. And I didn't get it with anyone's permission but my own. And if a boy ever tells you that it DOES define you, then DUMP HIM. By the way, my boyfriend does not care, in case you were wondering.

He loves ME, regardless of boob size. That's a real man there.

8. Are your nipples still, like, actual nips?

I don't even know what that means, but they're totally still nipples.

9. Don't you miss it?

No, I really don't. It weighed my back down, and my entire life.

10. But you were so pretty before! Why'd you do it?

Okay, this one gets to me. My typical response is usually something like "@!^&@%*&!!!"

So, please. Next time when someone approaches you with the awesome news that they got a reduction...don't ask disrespectful questions. Just think about it before you speak about it. Curiosity is cool, but not at the expense of someone's confidence.

And always remember.... #FREETHENIPPLE