Firstly, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for letting go of the best thing that has entered into my life. Thank you for getting rid of the man who treats me like a princess. But I'd also like to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry you did not realize what you had. You all have let go of one hell of a man.

Some of you I haven't met, and some of you I have. For some reason, I still catch myself being intimidated by some of you. Why? Because he liked you first. You brought him some kind of happiness which he adored at some point. When those thoughts come to mind, I just remind myself that I have what you all mistakenly let go.

What also comes to my mind is, "What and how?" What did he possibly do to some of you for you to hurt him like that? How could you do those mean things to someone so great? It just drives me more to treat him how he should be treated.

I will try my best to never cause him such pain. I will be there for him when he needs it. I will make him feel like a priority instead of an option. I will love him unconditionally and provide him with all the affection that none of you seemed to provide him when he needed it most. I will give him a life filled with endless happiness and laughter.

Thanks to all of you though, I have met the man who makes my world go round like no other. Although I never wish him any type of agony like that again, I'm glad that some of you broke his heart because, luckily, he stumbled into my life and I can now show him that all girls are not the same. I can show him that I will not take him for granted.

He provides me with love, laughter and a life occupied with so much joy and I don't know why some of you didn't cherish that while you had it. Some of you may not know yet, some of you might, but you'll all realize at some point that he could've been the best thing to come into your life, but you all let him go. But, all and all, I say thank you once again, for letting him go and having him walk into my life.