The majority of my dating life consists of me meeting men that I like, and them taking advantage of my feelings. They all claim that they care, that they have feelings for me too, but they just string me along.

Here’s the thing, I’ve heard every cheesy line and I can sense your bs from a mile away at this point.

Sure there are those one or two guys that I wish would just quit playing games already and stay, and it kills me knowing they are seeing other people after all I’ve done for them. However, I know that if someone has been playing games with me for over a year and a half, they’ll never stop.

Is it funny to you? Is it a pride thing? Do you sit there and get joy from looking me in the eye, telling me you care when you know that the second I leave you won’t call me again until you get lonely. Do you think that I enjoy it? I don’t. You probably don’t even know how many times I’ve gotten mad at myself for giving in and spending time with you.

I know I deserve better, and that you can treat me better if you just tried.

Here’s the bottom line, find yourself a girl like me. Go on out there and try to find someone who will bring you food, drive two hours to come spend time with you, stop everything they are doing and be there for you no matter how many times you hurt them. Those who know me, know I live my life by the “golden rule”, treat others the way you would want to be treated. I try to think about how the other person feels, but I guess that is a dying practice.

Sure, I might still answer the phone and continue to hope and play along with all the games you may try to play, but one day I’ll just stop playing along.

I know I am better than you, that’s just a fact.

I’ll meet someone else who sees me for what I am truly worth, and just like that, I’ll be gone. That day is coming sooner than you realize.