When you date in high school, you never have to deal with the whole "going over to a guy's house" because he still lives with his parents. However, once you get into college and those boys move out, they literally live like feral cats.

Now the living situation can vary depending on the guy.

For instance, if he's in college, you first have to deal with the dorm room phase. Not only does it suck that he has roommates, but a roommate that sleeps in the same room as him. This living situation is a breeding ground for mess. Upwards of six guys all in one confined space is possibly the worst thing on the planet, not to mention having to sleep in a twin-sized bed.

The next type of college living situation that is easily the worst is a fraternity house. So rather than having six guys in one living space, you have upwards of 40. In my experience, this one is the most borderline traumatic. We're talking communal bathrooms, sometimes with no toilet paper, having to use dawn dish soap to wash your hands, or better yet not being able to wash your hands at all. There are things growing on the walls, trash absolutely everywhere, and not to mention another living situation that involves a roommate.

The final boss for hellish guy living situations is The Apartment. I capitalize this because it's the final tier of disgusting living conditions for guys because once they're 25 and up they are usually married, or have careers so they can afford a house.

Their beds usually have one throw blanket, one dingy pillow, and literally have the bare minimum in the apartment to live. Not to mention being absolutely confused on how to get there. The directions they give you are possibly the vaguest directions ever.

I literally don't even know how men survive their twenties.

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