You are the one who puts your all into someone. You will support and love them constantly. You will believe in them with your whole heart. You will devote and give all of your time and effort to this person and will endlessly put them before yourself. You begin to care about and love them more than you care about and love yourself, but it is OK because they mean that much to you.

When you love, you love hard and when you are in, you are all in.

This person is your person, and you will do anything to keep them happy and keep them in your life. You can't help it — this is just who you are. You know that the further in you are the harder you will fall and the more it will hurt, but your heart is so big and you give everything for love.

And what do you get in return? You get manipulation and heartbreak.

You end up hurt because they see your loyalty and kindness, and they take advantage of it. They are not as far in as you, so it is easier for them to walk away and there you stand blaming yourself because you gave them too much and you trusted too much. You trust that everyone has the same heart as you and everyone treats love the same as you and the truth is that's just not true.

Because you can give someone everything and they will play you with their words and turn their back on you because you just love harder.

So maybe try to love yourself harder because, in the end, you deserve it.

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