I want to be the wife you always want to come home to after a hard day at work. The one who listens and does not interrupt because your rants matter too.

I want to be the wife that’s your best friend. The one who you can sit down and have a drink with, while telling me what your coworker did that was so funny, and still want to take me to bed at night.

I want to be the wife who makes the best out of a situation when times get tough. The one who buys us a cheap bottle of wine and makes homemade spaghetti because finances are tight that month, but it’s the date night you have been looking forward to all week.

I want to be the wife that understands love is patient. The one who realizes arguments happen, but the love we have for each other is much greater than those little arguments.

I want to be the wife you look at and feel unconditionally loved. The one who brings you up after a rough day, always letting you know how worthy and great you are.

I want to be the wife that never makes you feel useless. The one who always tells you thank you for helping me and how much you mean to me every single day.

I want to be the wife who always watches for her false, out of anger words that slip out during arguments. The one who NEVER lets either one of us go to bed mad and will not go to sleep until the last words out of our mouths are “I love you, goodnight baby”.

I want to be the wife who you turn to for advice. The one who will list the advantages and disadvantages of a new job you got offered, but scared to jump into.

I want to be the wife you have always dreamed of having. The one who you fell in love with from the very first date and to keep that young love burning.

I want to be the wife who never makes you feel like you do all the work. The one who knows marriage is a two way street, and it takes effort and love from both sides to keep it alive.

I want to be the wife you look at and proudly say, “That’s MY wife”. The one who you know will always be on your side, loving you through the ups and downs that life has to offer.

I hope I am that wife one day.