During the holiday season, you'll often find yourself being asked by others what you're thankful for. Most of the time your response will be "My family and friends," "my significant other," "my pets," or anything to that effect.

However, let's take a moment to be thankful for something not so obvious. Sex.

There are quite a few underrated reasons why we should be thankful for getting it on:

1. The bond it brings

Whether it's casual or with the love of your life, I don't think we can ignore the bond sex brings. It may not give you some eternal attachment to the person, but at least in that moment, you can bond with someone in one of the most intimate ways possible.

2. The funny sounds it makes

I can't stress enough how many interesting sounds come from sex. This is probably the main reason why I don't like music being on during sex because I love to focus on the natural sounds that I'm hearing. For starters, when you're both lubricated enough the wet nature of it all is the equivalent to the sounds like something squishy. Second, a queef has to be one of the funniest sounds I've ever heard in general.

3. The funny faces it creates

The ironic thing about orgasms is that when you have one, you don't actually look sexy while it's happening. More often than not it actually looks like you're in pain. If you can imagine your "O" face or ejaculation face right now it probably looks more like someone kicked you in the shin than anything else.

4. Eye contact during strokes 

Some people may find eye contact uncomfortable, but something about it is hypnotizing. Looking deeply into each other's eyes during strokes in the missionary position is liable to steal souls. Literally.

5. Sex bruises

Have you ever woken up and you saw a huge dark bruise and then you wonder where you actually got it from? Then you immediately re-play each move from the bedroom during the night before and then realize you probably got it from being paddled or slapped multiple times. It's especially invigorating when your bruise is so large that it hurts to sit down the next day.

6. Love bites

Just like sex bruises, bite marks are a steamy reminder of what happened between you and the person you had sex with. It's almost like a sexy way to mark your territory without even thinking of it.

7. Random flexibility

One of the best feelings in the world is trying a completely new position in the heat of the moment and actually being able to do it because you've have a random range of flexibility out of nowhere. Standing doggy style or missionary with a split? Girl on top with a split? Missionary with both legs stretched up my your ears? The possibilities are endless, but it's amazing when your body forms certain angles you didn't think were possible.

8. Risky bedroom moves

There are a few angels that can be looked at from here. Choking specifically is something that is often associated with pain but can be turned into something memorable when done with caution. It's risky, but it's done because of the thrill similar to the way our adrenaline jumps when riding on a roller coaster. Hair pulling as well, while not as risky as choking, is something that still pushes the boundary of complete security and makes sex all the more unforgettable.

9. Sharing water after sex

And last but not least, the most reviving part of sex is sharing water together afterwards. Plus it tastes ten times better on this occasion. You're both tired from going at it and need something to cool yourselves down. Now one of you go to the fridge and bring out an ice cold water bottle for the both of you to share. It's the little things like that which make the ending to sex the icing on the cake.