Everybody does college differently. Some students are solely in it for the education. They go to class, study for exams, go home. They don't really go to parties, they don't go to school functions, they just do what they need to and get out. Others are in it solely for the partying. Going to frat parties every weekend, posting pictures of them with beers in their hands, surrounded by fellow college kids. It all varies.

The biggest difference in college lifestyle is dating. You're either dating around a bit, strictly exploring your sexual side or (like me) in a committed relationship. For college-age students nowadays, it's rare to be in a fully committed relationship.

So if you are that committed college girlfriend, these are 14 things you should be really grateful for:

1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend.

With whomever you are with, you should obviously be super grateful for them. Especially since we live in a hook-up society, a loyal partner is definitely something to be grateful for.

2. The sweatshirts.

The cold season approaches and you now have an extra 12 sweatshirts to use!

3. The affection.

As someone who is full of affection, I'm grateful that I have that every day with him. If I'm having a bad day and really just need some extra love, he's there.

4. The holidays.

Don't get me wrong, the holidays are always fun, single or not. But it's always so exciting during the holiday season with your boyfriend. You can go pumpkin picking, decorate the tree and open presents together!

5. Someone to kill the spiders.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fully capable of killing a spider. My boyfriend has even seen me do it. But it's nice to have someone do the scary stuff for you.

6. The cuddles.

Along with the affection comes the cuddling. Nothing beats curling up next to your man (or woman) and feeling the beat of their heart with your head on their chest.

7. You have someone to share life with.

Yes, you share your life with your friends and family as well. But there's something significant about the life you share with your partner. You give yourself to them in ways others don't get. It's something really special to be thankful for.

8. You have someone to spoil.

If you are anything like me, I try to spoil my boyfriend every chance I get. Especially on the holidays! It's fun being able to spoil someone, especially if they really deserve it.

9.  You have someone to be yourself with.

This is nice in so many ways. If you're dating someone, you have to be yourself. Getting to do that, is absolutely something to be grateful for.

10.  The laughs

My boyfriend and I could be making faces at each other on the couch and laugh endlessly.

11. You have someone to come home to.

Yeah going out with your girls is fun, but there's just something so warm and comforting about coming home to your babe.

12.  You always have a cute picture to post.

My boyfriend and I have a pretty good amount of pictures and I'd be lying if I wasn't tempted to post them all. But I save them for when I want to make a super mushy post!

13.  The dates.

Dates are fun! You can literally make anything into a date. Grocery store trip? Date. Movie at home? Date. Need to get a new jacket from the store? DATE.

14.  The love.

The thing that everyone in a relationship should be thankful for, not just girlfriends, is the love. Plenty of people "aren't the relationship type" and that's totally fine. But there's something about being in love. You can't fully describe it, but it just makes everything in your world a little brighter. You should always be thankful if you've found love.