Ladies, LADIES.

We've all found at least one *looks both ways* *whispers* F*ckboy. You know the stereotypical douche wagon who just constantly lies. Recently I had a photo shoot and realized that my facials reflected a few I've made when I've heard those statements. Here are my personal fav lies:

1. "I'm not like other boys"

We all know you are 100% like every other boy. You might not have your Ray Bans and Sperrys on but we know. Oh, we know.

2. "I'm just afraid of me catching feelings"

I'm pretty sure everyone is afraid of this. One-sided feelings are the worst. But he is worried you're gonna catch feelings and he is not going to be able to deal.

3. "I swear I'm not a Fuckboy"

If you have to say you aren't a fuckboy, you are probably 1,000% a fuckboy.

4. "You're the only one I'm talking to"

Yeah, and I'm gonna follow through with that new juice cleanse.

5. "You're not like the other girls. You're not a hoe."

This is when you just laugh in his face and run away.

Added Bonus: Me falling for his lies again