Yikes, we've all been there... a late-night call, a text, he sits you down on his couch... however it happens, it's like a punch in the face. Getting broken up with SUCKS and there's really no sugarcoating it. But it's part of life and every girl WILL do these 9 things to get through the process. Because that's exactly what it is... a process.

1. Binge eat pizza, ice cream, chocolate, anything that brings you happiness.

After you go through a breakup, you really just want to feel better, so you eat what makes you feel happy. Just confine this to one weekend, though. After that, it could start to catch up with you.

2. Call literally all of your friends and talk about it.

You want to call your man either 500 nasty mean names or cry about how much you miss him, but either way, you're talking to someone about it. It's too hard to just sit around and feel bad about it, so talking to someone helps with your anger or sadness.

3. Think about all the good times you had together (and maybe some bad ones, too).

You'll reminisce on your first date, your first kiss, meeting his fam, whatever it is that was good in your relationship. You also might think about how much he changed, what he did that drove you crazy, and you'll probably have a lot of questions.

4. Do something to take your mind off of it all.

Whether it's working out, getting lunch with friends, whatever, you'll try your hardest not to think about it. You really don't want to be in the place where he's all you can talk about, so you try to move on.

5. Cry over the thought of him finding someone new.

You know you're not supposed to think about this yet, but you do and it KILLS.

6. Get angry. 

After a couple weeks, girls will get INSANELY mad. They'll think about literally everything their ex ever did that made them upset, and they'll realize they never needed him anyway.

7. Change your look.

Whether it's cutting your hair, coloring it, changing your style, or anything else to switch it up, changing your look is definitely something every girl does.

8. Wonder who you'll meet next. 

When one door closes another one opens, right? You start thinking about who you'll meet next and you might even make a Tinder or a Bumble if you feel like it.

9. Gain your confidence back.

Obviously, after a breakup you feel like you aren't good enough and you wonder what the real reason was that he broke up with you. Regardless, after being on your own for a little while you'll start to realize that you'll be OK and that you really never needed him anyway. Thank you, next.

Break-ups suck, but you'll get through it! Grab your friends and some ice cream and let it all out!

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