Dear men,

Society has told you that you have to be aggressive, macho, and emotionless to be a real man but that's truly not the case. There is nothing that makes you less of a man but these 10 things, in particular, are great habits you should adopt to develop yourself as a person and that, despite popular belief, make you more, not less of a man.

1. Going to therapy 

Therapy is good for everyone but specifically, if you have a history that's holding you back from being your best self, it's important to talk to someone to work through these things and improve your future self and your future relationships.

2. Raising your kids 

It's 2018, antiquated gender roles are out and equal participation in parenthood is in. It's not babysitting when they're your kids. If you don't know how to change a diaper or heat up a bottle, ask for help, but don't expect your female partners to do 100% of the child raising on her own.

3. Having male friends

Many men don't make friends with other men, whether it's a "no homo" thing or a fear of intimacy with someone else or a lack of time to get together with other people. Grab a beer with some people, go to a group class with your kids, or grab dinner with some old buddies once in a while. It's important to have people in your life that truly care about you and support you platonically.

4. Expressing emotions 

It's okay to cry or be upset or be super happy and to express the way you're feeling. It isn't necessary (or healthy) to just be stoic or angry all the time.

5. Not wanting to have sex

Men do not need to want to have sex all the time. It's not just women who should turn down sex when they don't feel like it and men should feel more than welcome to say no too.

6. Cooking and cleaning

We all need to be able to eat and to clean up after ourselves. It makes you a better man, a better roommate, partner, husband, or father to be able to do these things too, even once in a while.

Also, be willing to do these things without reaffirmation from your female partner. You live there and eat there too so these tasks aren't her job and you should participate fairly in them, not as some sort of favor to her.

7. Dressing well

Putting a bit of effort into what you wear will make you look, feel, and present yourself better. And no, it's not gay or feminine to care about how you look.

8. Practicing good hygiene 

Wash your face, moisturize your skin, get a haircut, take a shower, clip your nails, put on some deodorant. A little personal hygiene goes a long way.

9. Eating well 

Diets aren't just for women. Taking care of your body and eating healthy food (that you can cook yourself, thanks #6) will really go far and will have great effects on your health and self-confidence.

10. Self care

Take some time for yourself. Meditate. Read a book. Go for a hike. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel like a fuller, more complete person.