It's late at night, you're stuck in your thoughts and you can't stop thinking about that guy. The guy who strung you along for far too long, and then out of nowhere left you feeling absolutely worthless. You replay every single memory you have together over and over again wondering what went wrong. You know you shouldn't text him, but you have so many questions left unanswered, but whatever you do, DO. NOT. TEXT. HIM. He is not worth your time and there is a 99 percent chance texting him will only leave you more hurt with even more questions.

So, here are 18 things to do instead of texting him:

1. Text your bestie

If you can't get it off your mind just text your bestie about it. Get it off your chest, but to someone who cares.

2. Read a book

There's nothing better than distracting yourself from your life problems by delving into a fictional book about fictional people who have fictional problems that are fictionally much more dramatic than your real life.

3. Write an article

Write about how you feel in a way that is relatable to other people. Don't let this guy have power over you. You rock and sometimes writing about it can bring the clarity that dwelling in your thoughts cannot.

4. Watch a movie

I watched "P.S. I Love You" for the first time ever the other day and I cried the entire time. I also set my standards much higher than they were because we all deserve a love like that.

5. Workout

Endorphins will take you far.

6. Delete your pictures together

If this person was toxic, then it is probably best to not have those pictures to constantly remind you of him when you are scrolling through your phone trying to find a throwback picture.

7. Block his number

If you find yourself hoping every text you receive is from him, then block his number. That way you can rest assured his name won't pop up on your phone. You can unblock it once you've moved on.

8. Get a Bumble or Tinder

Swiping right on hot guys will for sure occupy those thumbs of yours. It's refreshing to know there are hot guys out there who are interested. Who knows? Maybe you will find your new bae.

9. Trash his T-shirts

Nothing triggers bad memories of him like his T-shirts at the bottom of your dresser drawer. Trash those shirts, girl. If he is ever like, "hey can I have my T-shirts back?" You can say, "yeah you can have your T-shirts back when I can have my wasted time back." (I may or may not have hoped this exact situation would happen to me).

10. Doll yourself up

Make yourself look good. It might be just the confidence you need to finally realize what everybody else already knows, you're too good for him.

11. Hook up with someone

I have found this to be a harmful coping mechanism for myself personally, but for some people this actually works. To each their own.

12. Buy yourself flowers

"To: Me, From: Me." And guess what... they'll actually be your favorite flowers this time.

13. Order a pizza in bed

Your fingers will be so greasy and drenched in ranch that you won't even be able to text him without completely ruining your phone.

14. Don't allow yourself to talk about him

The less you talk about him the quicker you will move on and forget. Brad who? Irrelevant!

15. Volunteer

Do something to help others. You'll realize how minuscule your problems are in the grand scheme of things.

16. Travel somewhere

Go backpacking in Colorado or lay out on a beach in Florida. Whatever it takes.

17. Clean house

This can be symbolic of cleaning that fuckboy out of your life.

18. Hang out with your friends

Hang up and hang out. Odds are, if you've been investing so much time into one guy your friends probably miss you... a lot.