Video games are fun for many, but for girls who aren't interested in them and have boyfriends who are, they can be pretty problematic. When guys are given a controller, it's like they get sucked in, sometimes for hours at a time, seemingly forgetting about everything around them.

As you would imagine, this doesn't sit well with a lot of girlfriends. If you are one of those girlfriends who has tried to peel your man away from a video game, I'm sure that during your efforts he has said these 10 things to you:

1. "One more mission."

Biggest. Lie. Ever.

2. "We can leave once I finish this game."

You can never trust this statement, but you probably already learned that after the third time you were late to dinner.

3. "I can't, I'm busy."

Who knew sitting on the couch pressing buttons could be so important?

4. "I can't just pause the game, it's multiplayer."

We know this, but we really want attention. Please?

5. "X to reload, babe."

One day we will remember...maybe.

6. "It's more than just a video game."

This exact statement has probably been the beginning of many arguments.

7. "I'll be done in 5-45 minutes."

So you're telling me I either have time to only put on my shoes or time to change my outfit, do my makeup, and straighten my hair with time to spare?

8. "I'll come to bed after I finish this game."

You've most likely woken up alone in bed with your boyfriend asleep with a controller in his hands hours after hearing this.

9. "What?!"

*Lifts off one side of headphones and huffs.*

10. "No, I don't love video games more than you."

It's OK, we've all gotten to the point where we've asked.

Although we might find our video gaming boyfriends to be annoying at times, we do silently love their passion. Whether they believe it or not, we do listen when they talk about their new game or controller, and despite the laughs when they mess up and die, we are always secretly cheering them on from the other room. What kind of relationship would it be though if we didn't periodically pester them?

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