Long story short: Do it.

Long story long:

Why not? Heartbreak is bound to happen in our lives anyway, so why not make the most of it? You shouldn't be afraid of heartbreak, you should be afraid of isolation. Love with all of your heart. Don't hold back.

If you don't love, you won't learn. You won't live. You won't understand how much power love has. It changes you. Freely love. Tell them you love them. Whether it's as a friend, or more or less than, tell them. It doesn't matter.

Love is powerful. Love can change your outlook on things. It's so much stronger than holding grudges or having hate in your heart. Love allows you to be free, and to show the cruel world your middle finger. It's to show those around you that you are bright, and you mean well. You love to forget and to forgive. Love is powerful, and you hold that power inside you.

Without love, the world is cruel. Without love, there would be no happiness. Find what you love, and cling to it. If it doesn't cling back, it's okay. You have your peace with it because you loved. You gave it your all. You showed love and that's the strongest thing you can do.

Fall in love with your friends. Love happens in all sorts of ways, and you can be in love with anybody or anything. Find the love in friendships, that's the best kind of love. Unconditional love. No pressure of what to do, but being true to yourself.

Fall in love with the world around you. Fall in love with nature. Fall in love with that 5-minute walk to class. Fall in love with that playlist you listen to while walking to class. Fall in love with the sound of rain while you're sitting by a window.

Fall in love with yourself. the most powerful love. Once you love yourself, there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish.

Love is all around us and it is the best feeling to be in love. Find that love.