In honor of the "This Is Us" season premiere coming up, I'm looking back at each of the relationships (some current, others not), and ranking them best to worst. Sure, you might not agree with how I've ranked them, but if you don't... well, just know I'm right here. So don't even try to tell me otherwise.

This is my official ranking of the "This Is Us" couples:

1. Beth and Randall


Beth and Randall are totally couple goals! They are amazing parents to their children. They went through many struggles while fostering Déjà, yet got through it and were able to adopt her. You rarely see them fighting and if they do, they use their superb communication skills to get through it. You can always find Beth and Randall making flirty comments to each other and always keeping a spark in their relationship.

2. Rebecca and Jack


When Rebecca and Jack were together, it was magic. You could tell when Jack first saw her sing. He asked her out but was completely broke. Even though the first date was horrible, their love still found a way. They continued to show their strong relationship through losing one of their triplets and adopting Randall.

3. Rebecca and Miguel


This relationship had to grow on me but once it did, I loved them together. Miguel cherishes Rebecca and is there for her when she needs it most. He accepts that she will always love Jack and is patient when the kids don't accept him yet.

4. Kate and Toby


Both Kate and Toby struggle with their self-esteem and confidence. But, once they're together, you can see the spark between them. Toby is there for Kate when she is struggling with her weight, miscarriage, and death of her dad. Kate is there for Toby when he struggles with his weight and more recently, his depression. Although they have had many ups and downs, they are a very strong relationship.

5. Kevin and Sophie


Kevin and Sophie are super cute. They have known each other since they were kids. However, they have already got married then divorced. After finding each other again, their relationship ended in heartbreak again. We'll have to see where life takes them in this next season.

6. William and Jesse


William and Jesse was a surprise relationship, but it was a good one. Although it was showed briefly, you could tell they had something special.

7. Kevin and Zoe


This was not a favorite of mine. Going behind Beth's back to fool around with her cousin wasn't the best idea. However, they were pretty cute together and the flirting made it fun to watch.

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