Assuming that since you opened this article, you know Thomas Rhett. And since you know Thomas Rhett, you know his wife Lauren. Since you know Thomas AND Lauren, you then know their amazingly adorable two children. AND you probably are in love with them. Well, at least I am in love with them.

Well, let's talk that.

You looove Thomas Rhett and you looove Lauren Akins and you reallly want to be just like them.

Well, first off, don't compare your life to theirs, especially your relationship.

People say all day that they are goals, yet most don't see that their love for Jesus truly is remarkable and is what should make them "goals." People only see the outer of their lives, yet their inner love for Christ is the most important.

But you can find love like theirs. You can find genuine, God-fearing love.

If you don't want that kind of love, cool (you probably won't like this article).

But if you do, it most likely is not found where you are looking.

God-fearing love is most likely not found with the guy you just went home from the bar with drunk. It is most likely not found with the girl you just woke up next to and you have no idea who she is or how you got here. (Now, God works miracles and it could be found that way, but ya know, stats are low on that one).

A true love is about sacrifice. It is about giving and never expecting to receive. The kind of love I want and pray for it that love when you pray for the other. Genuine prayer for your life partner. A love that lasts is a love that has laughter and joy. It is a love that when hard times come — because they will come — you two sail together not apart. Because sailing apart is never in God's plan.

He says that TWO is better than one. TWO as in, two people who look to the Lord before they look to their other.

This kind of love people say is "goals," yet they aren't looking for the same love.

GIRLS, there are guys out there who respect you for you and not your body. That put your needs before theirs on a daily basis.

GUYS, there are girls that want to know you, for you. Not the letters you wear or the kinda of style you wear.

You're never going to find that sweet, sweet true love of loving another believer until you begin to pray for God to lead you to him/her.

You are never going to grow in your relationship if you only want your significant other to change and you want to stay the same.

Love like Christ loves.

Be the Church and change the culture.

Change the marriage statistics.

Love like Christ and find someone who loves as Jesus does.

P.S. I looove Thomas Rhett