Meeting someone from Tinder (or any dating app) is becoming more ingrained within modern dating. It's perfectly normal and acceptable, and the shame of it needs to be gone. Meeting someone on Tinder can be both nerve-wracking but also exciting.

Will he actually be tall? What does he sound like? Is he going to be more awkward than my date to my first middle school dance?

I love Tinder and the way it brings people together through the swipe of your thumb, but the anticipation of meeting someone new, especially after a bad bout of ghosting or a breakup, is something every girl goes through. We don't know what to expect, but we also cannot place heavy expectations on someone we've never met yet. This should be a fun experience of you testing the waters with someone. Don't take it so seriously all the time.

Whether you've been chronically single, or just freshly single, getting back on the Tinder wagon should be a fun way to get back out there. Don't let any naysayers make you feel any different. These are just a snapshot of the thoughts that probably have run through every girl's head at some point before meeting a Tinder boy for the first time.

1. He's on his way and I am freaking TF out

2. Why didn't I cancel I don't want to socialize

3. Who am I kidding, I want to be snuggled. I can put up with socializing

4. I wonder what his voice will sound like. I do love a deep voice...

5. I just showered and I'm already nervous sweating UGH

6. This is all so fast, he's probably going to abduct me

7. How do I greet him, like do I give him a hug or just awkwardly wave?

8. Jeans or yoga pants?

9. Yoga pants

10. I hope he's a good kisser, not about to give a 21-year-old man kissing 101 lessons

11. Is it bad that I'm already preparing myself for the possibility that I might be ghosted?

12. I hope he wears grey sweatpants

13. Please don't be awkward, please don't be awkward, PLEASE!

14. Am I even ready for the possibility of this becoming a real thing down the line? I just got out of something rough...

15. He's here. Screw it, I'm ready.

The chemistry will be there if it's meant to. You cannot force yourself to feel attracted to someone when you really aren't inside. Go with your gut, get some, and enjoy your Tinder boy.