Are you spending sleepless nights wondering when he's finally going to pop the question? No, not THAT question! The one that'll finally make your relationship "official."

If so, chances are it's time. Here are the 10 crystal clear signs it is time to pivot from the "complicated" zone and actually define the relationship (you know, DTR), as told by "Friends":

1. You talk all day, every day

If you have their daily routine pretty much memorized, this is a great first indicator it might be time to talk about defining your relationship!

2. You describe your relationship status as "It's Complicated."

This has absolutely been an issue for me before. If your BFFs tilt their heads when you explain your sort-of-almost relationship to them, it's absolutely time to DTR.

3. You've met each other's parents.

This is either a sign you SHOULD have a conversation about your relationship, or you skipped about a million steps and you forgot that one. I, personally, have never met a significant other's parents before we were official, and I wouldn't want to! I'll pass on the awkward "so is this your girlfriend?" questions.

4. You've kissed.

If he's smooched ya, a DTR conversation is definitely in order.

5. You're exclusive.

If he's suspiciously not interested in seeing other people and you feel no desire to see anyone besides him, it's definitely time to have the relationship talk. And this brings me to an important point: sometimes in a DTR conversation, the consensus doesn't need to be "are we boyfriend and girlfriend, or not?" Sometimes the end conclusion can simply be that there's no label yet, but for now, the two of you won't see anyone else.

6. You're already daydreaming about the future.

If you can already see yourself with this person in the future, it's time to DTR. Actually, if you're already picking out paint colors for your future kitchen and planning wedding themes... what are you waiting for?

7. He sets aside time for you.

Any guy who goes out of his way to set aside time to talk to you, have deep conversations with you, ask about your day, or even just annoy you, is definitely a keeper.

8. You've both hinted at making it official.

Now, I'm used to chickening out of DTR conversations, I'll admit. I'm more notorious for dropping hints the size of atomic bombs and hoping he'll get the message. And while it usually ends up working out in the end, I'd recommend just being straight forward and having the conversation in order to avoid confusion!

9. You're comfortable enough to be goofy with one another.

I know one of my personal milestones in a relationship is when I can send the goofiest Snapchat videos and not be embarrassed in the slightest. If you're both comfortable enough to be goofy and weird with each other, this could be a huge factor in determining whether you two are ready to DTR.

10. You've met each other's friends.

If both of you have passed the "best friend approval" test, it's definitely time to define this relationship! (TBH it's time whether your best friend approved or not).

All in all, DTR conversations should NOT be scary or embarrassing. It's better to put yourself out there and speak your mind than to feel stuck and confused! So get out there and do it. It's time!

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