When you're a single twenty-something, the pressure is always on to not be single. Mothers asking when they are getting grand kids, family members asking if you've met anyone during family dinner night, friends finding "the one" and getting engaged, and everything in between. It is seriously rough, troublesome even, to be single during all of the above. It's like you're lacking somehow, isn't it? Missing a huge life aspect that everyone is aware of but you?

No matter how bad all of this may feel in the moment, do not (ever, under any circumstances) allow societal pressure to force you into a less than ideal situation just so you aren't alone.

The wrong guy is not better than no guy.

A "man" who does not respect you, who makes you feel bad in any way, and who is undeserving of your love and attention should not be deemed boyfriend material just so you can coexist with someone. At that point, darling, you are better off being by yourself. Stop saying, "Well, at least I'm not single." You might as well be because the guy you picked just isn't the right one.

Once you start settling, it is hard to break the cycle. Once you do, though, you realize there is a whole new world of admiration and respect and love you were missing out on because you picked the wrong guys before. Then, you realize, that is how a healthy relationship should be, not the decidedly-bad things you put up with before.

If you are the only one trying in the relationship that you are in, you're settling. If your man does not make you feel loved and appreciated, you are settling. If your man is overall not the type of guy you could see yourself marrying, you are settling.

It's time to stop settling and know your worth.

Don't date guys who are undeserving of you just because they are there, at the ready to be with you. Of course they are because you're immensely better than them and they know it.

Don't date guys who don't express to you how lucky they are to love you. Don't date guys who take advantage of your kindness, and your willingness to love with all of your heart.

Just because you would rather not be a lone wolf or tell Aunt Sharon one more time that, no, you haven't met anyone at school does not mean you should settle for less.

Instead, wait for a man who loves you unconditionally.

You deserve nothing less.