Recently, I have come across many articles that discuss the importance of a Christian girl finding herself a “Godly man.” While that is an important thing to look for in a man, I often find myself questioning that conversation. Why do I find article after article related to seeking out Godly men but never seem to come across any regarding being a Godly woman? This insight inspired me to write this article about why being a Godly woman is just as important as seeking out a Godly man, especially regarding relationships in today’s world.

Speaking as a college woman currently in a long distance relationship with the man of my dreams, the world sure does make being in a Godly relationship difficult. In our relativistic society filled with sin, fear, shame, and temptation, participating in a strong relationship rooted in faith often comes with struggles that seem too difficult for one person to face alone.

So, why should a man have to face these struggles alone? How can I merely accept the idea that ONLY my man should be leading me to Christ, when I am also an important spiritual leader for him?

Life and college are hard. Because of this, relying on men to unwaveringly lead us women to Christ can be a heavy burden to put on their shoulders alone. That being said, I am in no way saying that we should not seek out Godly men in our lives to lead us closer to our Lord.

What I am saying is we have that responsibility to do so too. In our broken world, Christ calls us to be shining examples of his light to all we meet, including our boyfriends and our spouses.

That is why, ladies, I propose we emphasize the importance of being Godly women. God has such perfect ways of bringing individuals together: individuals who may need help growing closer to the Lord, including men.

We, as Christian women, must not disregard our job to lead our men to Christ too. What a beautiful reality it is that I am capable as a Godly woman of bringing my significant other closer to Christ through my example of faith.

Faith-filled relationships, I believe, occur when two people have burning desires to lead each other to the Lord. In my own relationship, I have found that in moments of weakness I turn and look to my boyfriend as an example of faith to me. His devotion to the Lord inspires me to trust in my God and to follow Him wholeheartedly. But, men are filled with weakness too. And, throughout my relationship, at times when he is struggling, my boyfriend leans on me to lead him closer to the Lord and to push him to live a more Godly life as well.

We are each so different in the ways in which we chase the Lord, and I truly believe that our relationship looks and feels the way it does because we both challenge ourselves to lead one another closer to Christ. Though without my influence in our relationship and my example, I do not think it would be that way, and my boyfriend agrees.

The ways in which I challenge him to follow the Lord look much different than the ways in which he challenges me. We work together to grow closer to our God, but my role as a Godly woman can not be left out of the equation in order to obtain the relationship we have today. Just as he strives to be a Godly man for me, I strive to do the same as I continue to work towards being a Godly woman.

So follows my message:

To all my Christian ladies out there, strive to be the Godly woman you are.

Inspire people with your grace and your devotion.

Bring these gifts into your relationships, especially your romantic ones, and use them to mold your worldly relationships into ones that exude a love for the Lord and each other.

Be the example your boyfriends or husbands need in their faith lives, and don’t apologize for it.

Relationships need strong Godly women too. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.