Let me just start by staying, you are worth more than what they make you out to be. It hurts me to see you continue to be hurt over and over again. I do not mind being the person you call when you are crying, but I should not have to be. You do not deserve to continuously getting hurt. Stop letting them get your hopes up, stop giving chance after chance. I am telling you, one day, you will find someone who will show you your worth every single day and you will never have to question their love for you.

Maybe right now is not your time. Stop searching for love and let it come to you. Stop messaging first, stop double texting people. You should not have to beg someone to want you, or even want to see you, they should just do it without being questioned or asked to.

I cannot wait to see your frown of hopelessness turn into a smile of pure joy. I can not wait until you text me telling me you are getting engaged instead of calling me crying at 2 o clock in the morning.

I am your number one supporter. If you need to cry, I am here. If you need a walk, call me up. But the point is that you deserve more than what you are getting yourself into. Stop letting them walk over you, stop begging for attention. One day you will look back and think, "I don't know why I ever even stressed over someone who did not give me the energy I deserved," and I will be there agreeing with you and holding your hand telling you how proud and happy I am for you.

You will find happiness, I promise you.