Dear Love #1,

You were the greatest lesson I learned after coming out of a three-year relationship. You knew I was in a vulnerable state and knew I would be the perfect one to take advantage of for all of your emotional needs. That's OK now. I am glad you were able to benefit from whatever that was. I was kind of bored by your biotechnology talk anyway.

Dear Love #2,

I honestly miss having you around. You were such a great friend and so relatable. I am glad that you have found someone that makes you happy. You went through a lot, and I highly respect how your goal in life is just to make everyone happier. You deserve the best.

Dear Love #3, 

I was so in love with how intelligent you are. You're in grad school, you have a place, and your maturity amazed me. We liked the same kind of music, had similar goals (I think), and enjoyed each other's company. I enjoyed your company, at least. I thought you were the right one for me, and I still feel like you could be, but we are at two different points in our lives. We both have flaws we need to fix, and that is OK. I am excited to see where all of your accomplishments will one day bring you, and I will always be one of your cheerleaders.

Dear Love #4,

I am still in love with you, and it sucks. I don't know why I'm being dumb enough to stick around. Every time I try to leave though, you beg me in some sort of capacity to stay. I blame it on myself, but honestly, it is kind of selfish of you. You're amazing, you have your life together, and you are achieving all of your dreams. I want to share that with you, but if doing that in friendship rather than a relationship benefits you more, then I guess I will do that... for you.

Dear Love #5, 

You are the sweetest man I have met in years. You are always checking in on me and encouraging me to accomplish my goals. You are the most selfless person, always wanting to give. I feel like I only give you 30% compared to what you give me, which is horrible. It's because I am so hung up on Love #4. I am so sorry I have been putting you through this. Thank you for being such an amazing person in my life.

With love,


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