I still remember the night I met you.

We were at a party and you asked if I wanted to play Pong. That was the start of us being Pong partners. Every party we were at together, we were partners. You added my friends and I on Snapchat. After that, we started talking, just as friends.

There was one night where you invited us to a mixer you were having. My friends and I showed up and received the worst looks from the girls you were mixing with and to be honest, since then, I haven't liked that group of girls.

When I told you what happened, you shut down the party and told us to go to your other brother's house. We hung out there for a little before going to "the party house." I was not drunk, but you most definitely were.

Even though I was completely sober, I did something that night that was 100 percent not me.

After that night, we didn't really talk about it, but we still talked relatively often. You were there for me through a lot that spring. With all my roommate issues, driving my drunk ass home from a friend's, then walking me home from a friend's another night. I still remember waking up on her futon to you rubbing my back and asking if I was OK.

We started playing iPhone games all the time, but it wasn't until almost a year later that we matched on Tinder and actually started talking. While home for Thanksgiving break, we decided to play truth or dare over Snapchat. You asked me "What was your favorite moment at Delta?" I answered honestly and you said, "I somehow knew you were going to say that, lol." I then asked you what made you ask and you said, "I wanted to see if you would say what you did and if you remembered."

After that night there was a different dynamic between us.

I think about the night I finally convinced you to come over for a movie night. You had an essay to write and ended up bringing it to my room to finish it. When you finished, we put on a movie but ended up talking and watching Vines instead. We told each other a lot that night. Then we ended up watching "Boss Baby."

About a week later you were having a rough night. You didn't really wanna talk, but then something changed and you asked me to come over. I did, and we decided to watch "Dirty Dancing," a movie I still haven't seen. We ended up not really watching it, and when you started to fall asleep, I decided to go back to my room because I had to be up early the next morning. I wish I would have stayed, especially because the reason I had to be up early ended up not happening.

Then it was Christmas break. I got a new phone and you tried to continue our game of 8-Ball on iMessage. Because I had a new phone, I couldn't play you back. After Christmas break, it was never the same. You started dating someone else, who to be honest I wasn't a fan of at first, but now we're kind of friends. We never really talked unless it was business-related.

I miss the way things used to be, and I'm trying so hard to get over you.

It's been almost two years, but for some reason, I can't get you out of my head.

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