Today, you proposed to my best friend, to my older sister.

You asked her to be yours till death do you apart.

You asked her to deal with your not so funny jokes, your terrible timing, and your amazing cooking, however, you asked me to give away my sister. Now, we all know that Kaitlin has brought many guys home to us lol, but it wasn't until she brought you home that we knew. We knew that you were gonna be her forever and that one day you would come around asking for our permission.

One year ago exactly you asked me if you could marry my sister. At first, I said no, lol.

Just kidding Kaitlin, I didn't. I screamed in the phone with excitement. However, I knew I wasn't going to be there for it I would've said no. But, we've been planning it ever since. By the way, Kaitlin I take full credit for the whole thing hope you loved it.

Scott, just because I gave you my permission doesn't mean I'm not watching you. If you take one wrong step, if you do anything to hurt my sister even all the way from Alabama I will know. I'm giving you my sister so don't think I won't hurt you if you mess up.

She's a lot of work.

So you better be there to take care of her, to listen to her, feed her and love her. Be the best husband you can be and better. Never let her down, always be there for her. Or I will come find you.

When you proposed to my sister, you proposed to the whole family. You're stuck with us now.

You're stuck with me, my parents and Bella. If you don't take care of her you will have a long line of people to deal with. If you aren't the right guy, you won't get away without a punch or two. If you aren't nice to her or us you will have a lot to deal with. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

Be the one.

My sister is my best friend she deserves the world. Take care of her. Or else. I am very productive of my sister. So you better do your best. Don't worry this isn't my wedding speech I'm just getting started. If you thought this was bad just wait till the wedding.

To the guy marrying my sister, you better give her 110 percent and give her the world. You better treat her like the queen that she is. Or else I'm flying home to fight you. Thank you. Thank you for promising her the world and taking care of her, but it doesn't stop here you're just starting.

To my sister, I love you so much. Hope you had the best day ever. I can't wait for the bachelorette party.

Congratulations, Scott and Kaitlin. I'm so proud of y'all. I mean you couldn't have done it without me, but I'm proud. I've already started planning the wedding. Look out for a present in the mail :) Here's to forever!


Your younger sister