I bet you are asking yourself repeatedly, "Why is my girl so worried all the time? Why does she ask me a million questions? Why and why is she so self-conscious about her self?" Well, the answer is, is because she's an over thinker.

Dating an over thinker, you have to know a few things...

1. She will worry herself to death over crazy thoughts that come without warning. Why? No one knows why. It's just who she is.

She can't help who she is or how to control it. With being said, she has probably ALWAYS have been this way. Just love her for it. Love her for being herself around you, yes, love her when it sometimes gets annoying.

2. She will ask you if you still love her.

And please, please reassure her. She knows that you already love her but she loves to be reminded that you do. Don't look at it as a bad thing because she isn't second guessing your love. She wants to hear it more than when you say good bye, she wants to hear it randomly.

3. She will worry. Worry A LOT.

And it is not a bad thing. She loves you and cares for your sake so yes, she is going to worry about you non stop for the rest of your days.

4. You will think she over analyzes everything.

Which is true, she will. She will reread what you texted or rethink what you just said to her as well. She will read more into the messages or your words than she probably should. She might freak out on you or question what you just told her. Let her know that there is nothing wrong and that everything is fine.

5. Appreciate her and everything she does for you.

Because I know for a fact that she tries her absolute best to give you the world. You will not find another girl like her.

6. She's not a controlling girlfriend.

She wants to make sure you got where you are going, safely. She will constantly think if something bad happened to you if you don't let her know. It is a sign of caring not over controlling.

7. She will diagnosis herself.

If she is sick, she will over think it and think she is dying of something serious. Just let her know everything is okay and reassure her.

8. It will be hard for her to let things go.

It just will be.

9. Tell her that she is beautiful, constantly.

Sometimes, she will still wonder if she is. So what if she gains a few or lost a few pounds? Or cut her hair? Or simply just changed her wardrobe. Tell her she is beautiful no matter what she looks like or changes.

10. Don't be short with her for no reason.

She will CONSTANTLY think that she has done something wrong. Please, never do that to her. I know you might have boring conversations but keep it alive.

I know dating and loving an over thinker will be hard at times but trust me on this, she will be the best of the best for you. She will move mountains for you. She will over think. That is just who she is. And as I have said, love her for it.

You'll never regret loving an over thinker despite their flaws that come with them.