“Even before we met and long after we're both gone, my heart lives inside of yours. I'm forever and ever in love with you.”
Crystal Woods

To the love of my life, I'm sorry for the bad days. You do everything you can to make sure that I am so happy, and I'm sorry for the days when I don't seem as appreciative as I should be. Sometimes the depression takes hold, and it seems that I can't shake its grip. I'm sorry for the days when the 'dark and twisty' gets a little bit too tangled.

I cannot thank you enough for all the times that you have saved me. You have saved me from the dark when I can't find the way out. I think everyone has heard the saying "You have to love yourself first, to love someone else." You taught me that wasn't true, because on the way to finding myself, you held my hand. You taught me to love all the parts of myself that I had tucked away for no one else to see.

There are so many days when I can't see the light, no matter how bright it's shining. There are times (frequent times) when I ask you the same question ten times a day. I ask you "are things okay?" at least three times a day. And I wish I knew why I did that. I know that my anxiety can leave me blind to the truth. So, I'm sorry for the days when you have to be my guide through it all.

In all truth, I think it's the past that bothers me most. I think it’s in the before times (before our relationship...*shudder*) that so many people left, that I get scared. I get scared you'll leave. So, I ask the same question fifteen times until I believe it, even though you meant what you said the first time.

You have never made me feel like I must apologize for this, that I need to apologize for the times I need a mental health day. You have only loved. And keep loving. And I am so grateful. There's a saying "you can't love someone until you learn to love yourself." And you know what? That's not true. You taught me how to love myself when I couldn't look in the mirror. You taught me that it's okay to love all the things that make me, me. You showed me things about myself that I didn't know existed.

When the days seem dark, you are the light. You are every love song. You are every love story. You are every piece of art I’ve ever made. You are my sun and stars. You are my moon. There is nothing I want more in life to love and be loved by you. I’m sorry for the bad days, but I hope you know how happy I am to see the light with you.

I am forever grateful that you chose me to have by your side. I promise that for as long as I live, for as long as I am your girlfriend, wife, and partner, that I will fall in love with you every day. That's such an easy promise to make, because I already do. Every day, I fall in love with you more. I fall in love with my life more, because you are in it. I can't wait for forever with you. But for now, I'll love every day that I spend by your side.

“There are not enough days in forever to allow me to fully express the depth of my love for you.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience