This is an open letter to the guy I couldn’t love enough,

I am not sure if you will ever see this, but if you somehow do, then just know I am sorry. I didn’t mean for what happened to happen.

I am sorry that I could not love you as much as you needed and as much as you loved me. I did not mean to hurt you but I didn’t want to hurt myself either.

I could say the typical “it wasn’t you, it was me” and not mean that but it truly was me. It was not intentional at all. I didn’t purposely hurt you. Neither of us did anything wrong. It was just wrong timing. All feeling was lost and relationships are supposed to be mutual, not one-sided. And in our case, it was very one-sided.


That is all there is about it. Once you have lost feelings for someone, they typically do not return.

You’re the first guy I felt something real for, so thanks for showing me how it feels to be loved. I hope I showed you how you should be loved, too.


I believe everyone has a soul mate in life and I’m sorry I wasn’t yours. You will find that person that loves you just as much as you love them. It’ll be a mutual and therefore epic love.

Don’t blame yourself and certainly do not change because of what happened. Again, you will find someone that loves you as much as you loved me, if not more. They will love how awkward you are. They’ll love how quiet you are and how nervous you are when you meet his or her dad for the first time. They will love you for all the small things.


We do not control who we fall in and out of love with. That is the worst thing about love. It is unpredictable, which can be a blessing and a curse. Love is the most complicated thing we will ever have to deal with in life.

Best regards,