Being single can be hard, yes, I can attest to this firsthand. Especially when all your friends have seemingly fallen off the grid with their significant others. It's natural to feel left out and to desperately start looking for a companion of your own to snuggle up with. But that's where you need to stop yourself... dead in your tracks, and take this time to find yourself as a single woman in the universe.

After all, when your nonstop on the stakeout for a mate that's when you're the least likely to land one.

This is the time to celebrate YOU! And guess what? You get to be as selfish as you want, whenever you want. Come and go as you please and really learn what makes you happy. It's the little things that become the most empowering. Go grab lunch by yourself, go shopping by yourself, spend hours binge-watching your favorite shows by yourself, go on a study date... by yourself!

This all might sound lame but trust me when you break through the initial loneliness you're left in pure bliss and feel more in touch with yourself than ever.

Just because you've become empowered and found your inner single woman strength doesn't mean you're not allowed to be emotional sometimes. I'm guilty of crying at fictional relationships on television and reminiscing on old memories with past significant others.

At the end of the day we're only human and accepting your emotions is another brave step in being your best single self.

The more you evaluate your emotions and past feelings the better you can become for your future cuffed self. Because yes, you will, in fact, date again someday but that day doesn't have to be today or tomorrow or the next day or even next year.

You can also look at it this way — your friends' boyfriends can become some new friends for you too. Possibly the best part is getting to run wild and let loose within your friend group. Your taken friends will appreciate having a single friend to rant to and be spontaneous with. This can even bring your friendships closer than they ever were before.

Most importantly, remember that someday your prince will come but for now you're busy being the queen of your own life and having a kickass time doing it.

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