Television shows are often used and watched to paint a picture of a dream life — the perfect girl with the perfect guy who face obstacles and are taken through the storm but end up living happily ever after. That's not always the case when you jump back to reality and have to deal with real-world issues.

Here are 11 TV boyfriends who are totally worth binge-watching when the guys in real life are just not giving you the satisfaction you deserve:

Note: Spoilers are mentioned for some characters, so if you haven't gotten to watch any of these shows, I highly recommend watching them after you read this so you can fall in love with them even more.

Rafael Solano, "Jane the Virgin"


Although I'm new to "JTV," I fell in love with Raf from the minute he appeared on my TV and I am hardcore Team Rafael. I didn't get the hype about the whole "Team Michael v. Team Rafael" when the show was still on the air, but as soon as it went off, I jumped on Netflix and now I can't leave Raf alone. He'll send you on a roller-coaster for the entire show, but mainly in the first 3 seasons is where I was getting dizzy and wanted off, but season 4 changed my mind and now I love him again.

Stefan Salvatore, "The Vampire Diaries"


Apparently he's the least favorite half of the Salvatore brothers, but Stefan is No. 1 in my eyes. He remained sane and stuck to his "vegan vampire diet" to keep Elena (who ended up leaving him for his older brother, Damon). Stefan gave his life to save the entire town of Mystic Falls, even though it meant leaving behind his wife and never seeing Elena again. Not gonna lie, I cried for three weeks straight at the end of "TVD."

Barry Allen, "The Flash"


I ended up watching "The Flash" on accident after Barry appeared in an episode of "Arrow." I realized I had to stop watching Oliver Queen's story and go straight to Barry's story, but then I realized I had to stop watching Barry's and go back to Oliver's before I just gave up on Oliver's story and moved to Barry's officially.

Fun fact: Grant Gustin starred in "Glee."

Archie Andrews, "Riverdale"


There are ongoing debates on how stupid Archie can be, how he's wishy-washy, and he doesn't know what he wants, but I know for a fact that if Archie Andrews walked into my class, I would pass out. The throwback episode where Archie (KJ Apa) was portraying a young Fred Andrews (RIP Luke Perry), made me love him even more with the dark hair (also considering that's KJ Apa's natural hair color). Also, I was rooting for him and Josie to make it, but I'll settle for him and Betty.

Tommy Egan, "Power"


Even though Tommy is a crazy, drug-dealing, and murdering kingpin, he still deserves to be mentioned. He did kill his girlfriend and baby-mother (unbeknownst to him), but in his defense, he told her to leave before he hurt her and she didn't listen. While he was a bit of a womanizer, he would drop everything for his "family," the St. Patricks.

Stiles Stilinski, "Teen Wolf"


If Stiles wasn't every millennial, si-fi, supernatural-addict girl's first crush, I don't know what to tell you. Dylan O'Brien played this role well and when he was written off a few episodes near the end because he was filming other movies, I was high-key hurt. I "live tweeted" during each episode and became slightly famous (on "Teen Wolf" nights only) for my "Teen Wolf" tweets. Stiles' humor made him easy to love and his sarcasm made him even more lovable. In the final episodes of "TW," when Derek Hale came back (from God knows where), Stiles' reaction was simultaneously all of the "Teen Wolf" fans' reactions.

Kendall Knight, "Big Time Rush"


When "Big Time Rush" first premiered on Nick, I wasn't expecting much. To be fair, I only tuned in because I recognized James from when he was on an episode of "iCarly," but then I saw Kendall and all hope for James was lost. Kendall was my favorite from the get-go when he stormed down the aisle of the auditorium and stood over Gustavo and sang the now-infamous "Turd Song." Kendall did any and everything for his friends and he tried his best to keep them the same humble hockey players from Minnesota.

Chuck Bass, "Gossip Girl"


The man who I can literally only dream of. Chuck had the biggest glow-up in "Gossip Girl," (RIP fringe), but not only did his style change, he also changed his attitude once Blair Waldorf caught his attention. Blair made Chuck go from "Bass-h*le" to a man who would do anything for his friends, even if it meant being an accessory to his father's murder and dealing with his crazy Uncle Jack.

Dean Winchester, "Supernatural"


Supernatural is going off the air soon, but I'm still in the middle of season 5, so I have a long way to go to catch up and get on board with what's currently happening to the Winchesters. Dean was my favorite from the get-go with his humor and love for his car - seriously, he would abandon anything and anybody for his car, but that's what makes him the funny, lovable guy.

Zack & Cody Martin, "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"


Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones on "Riverdale")) were my first "TV crushes" when their show came on the Disney Channel. I looked forward to new episodes and I can even quote the "High School Musical Parody" episode verbatim. They were also, who I'd like to consider, a part of the founding members of the Disney Channel Crossover series when it was actually good. With Cody's smarts and Zack's antics, it's hard to not love these two.

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