As you've seen every week, Odyssey creators never fail to create some of the most sharable content on the web — and we're not saying that just cause we're biased (though it definitely helps).

Because Swoon happens to be one of Odyssey's hottest verticals (naturally), we really can't get enough. This week — like last month — dating and relationship content was just as steamy as ever.

In case you missed some of the week's top stories, we've rounded them up for you here.

1. The Cure For Your Quarantine Loneliness Is NOT A Corona Boyfriend

By Charlotte Trattner

"It is OK to crave human intimacy, something FaceTime and Zoom don't deliver. Although these technologies may help us communicate, are we still truly connected or should we start settling to shack up with someone or form a relationship although we know it will cease to exist when we are set free?"

2. Dear Future Husband, I Can't Wait To Love You For The Rest Of My Life

By Megan Patty

"I can't wait for our future together. I can't wait to marry you, live with you, have children with you."

3. 9 New Things To Try With Your S.O. In Quarantine That'll Actually Make Staying Inside More Fun

By Emily Malloy

"Social distancing has led to a lot of couples staying in quarantine together, but doing the same thing all day, every day can get pretty monotonous — and boring. So, to help spice up your co-quarantine life for you and your boo, here are nine things to try together to break out of your routine."

4. My #MeToo Story Started With One Swipe Right

By awallace28

"We met on Tinder, but we have known each other since freshman year of college. When you had first Snapchatted me, I replied. I believe you sent me a picture of the margarita you were drinking... you told me it wasn't that good and the service was slow. You asked if you could come over and I said no."

5. 13 Texts To Send Him During Quarantine To Keep Him On His Toes

By Teylor Veliotis

"Every aspect of life has had to change as a result of the coronavirus and imposed quarantine, including talking to people you're interested in. It's especially tricky during this time to keep the sparks going if you're talking to someone — whether you're casually getting to know them or if the two of you are 'established' (or anything in between)."

6. 30 Guys Reveal How They Actually Feel About Period Sex

By Madison Davis

"Periods aren't the most comfortable thing to talk about with men, especially period sex. It feels as though there is such a negative stigma around it, and it's hard to tell what a man may actually think. So I decided to go ahead and ask the difficult question for you."

7. 6 Lessons My Dating App Fling Turned 3-Year Relationship Taught Me About Love

By Taylor English

"Three years ago I created a dating profile on a dating app for teenagers. I had just gotten out of a long, unhealthy relationship, and wasn't sure if I wanted to try love again."

8. To My First Love Who Completely Broke Me, I Hope Life Treats You Well

By dashaaa

"It's been a year. 365 days on this planet without you. I can't really tell you it's been easy because it hasn't. It's been one of the most challenging times of my life. So challenging that I almost let myself die because of you. I actually genuinely loved you. And you broke me."

9. My Boyfriend And I Are Quarantined Together, Which Makes 'Me Time' More Important Than Ever

By Jennifer Kustanovich

"There is nothing wrong with loving every second you have with your S.O. I know I soak up every moment with my boyfriend, but making room for some me time is something I look forward to, as well — especially while we're quarantined together."

10. I'm Grateful I Was Cheated On, Just Hear Me Out

By Ashley Fisher

"The initial feeling of betrayal is something that you don't understand unless you have felt it yourself. When I had found out I was being cheated on, that was the first time I felt betrayal. I would never wish that feeling on anyone. But, for the ones who have felt it, I am here to tell you that some good does come out of it."

11. 9 Things I've Learned About My Boyfriend While Quarantined With Him

By Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

"We've spent every day together, hanging out and sometimes I step on his toes, but we made the best of our inability to leave the house. I've learned a few new things about my boyfriend in the process, things I'd never noticed before since we'd never been able to spend so much time together."

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