As you've seen every week, Odyssey creators never fail to create some of the most sharable content on the web — and we're not saying that just cause we're biased (though it definitely helps).

Because Swoon happens to be one of Odyssey's hottest verticals (naturally), we really can't get enough. This week — like last week and the week before that — dating and relationship content was just as steamy as always.

In case you missed some of the week's top stories, we've rounded them up for you here:

1. 30 Questions To Ask Your Tinder Bae If You're Trying To Figure Out If They're A Serial Killer

By Jessica Lynn Fisgaer

"Many of my friends have found Tinder baes recently, and they've all asked me for help in figuring out questions to ask them so they can get to know them better."

2. Lara Jean Should've Ended Up With John Ambrose, And I'll Die On This Hill

By Bailey Drake

"Everyone knows Peter Kavinsky, the star of Netflix's 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before.' He's a heartthrob, a lacrosse star, and an incredibly sweet boy to boot... Their relationship is incredibly loving, healthy, and sweet. However, I believe there is someone else who would be a better fit for Lara Jean."

3. To The Guy Stuck In The Friend Zone, One Day She'll Realize You've Been It All Along

By Jordyn L

"The fact of the matter is, she can be herself around you, warts and all, and I promise you, that means more to her than anything the other guy can do."

4. I'm The Girl Who's Saving Herself For Marriage, And It's So Empowering

By Nicole Breske

"Though it's one of the most empowering decisions you can make, it may not feel like it at times. I have faced plenty of rejection because of this choice. From guys immediately laughing and walking away to them making an attempt to change my mind, it definitely felt like I was alone in this battle."

5. If That Guy Is Negging You, You Have To Cancel Him Right Now

By Lexi Schroeder

"Negging is a not-so-secret way of flirting to bring you down to their 'level.' They do this so you think they're normally not into girls like you and you should spend time on them to get their attention. Sounds terrible, right?"

6. You Could Be Paid $49K A Year To Test Sex Toys, And O How I Want To Apply

By Jennifer Kustanovich

"The company receives 500 sex toy-related questions a month and they need a professional to help satisfy their customer's needs. Many shoppers seek advice, tips and tricks, and just the general how-to kind of questions, so as the official sex toy tester, you would be able to handle all the queries."

7. 10 Signs You're Dating Someone Who Loves To Crush White Claws

By Janet Elizabeth Herman

"If your SO has to buy their own claws so they get their favorite flavor before the pregame, you know they really love the claws."

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