As you've seen every week, Odyssey creators never fail to create some of the most sharable content on the web — and we're not saying that just cause we're biased (though it definitely helps).

Because Swoon happens to be one of Odyssey's hottest verticals (naturally), we really can't get enough. This week — like last week and the week before that — dating and relationship content was just as steamy as always.

In case you missed some of the week's top stories, we've rounded them up for you here:

1. I'm The Girl Who'd Much Rather Go After A Bachelor's Degree Than 'The Bachelor,' Sorry Peter

By Jess Morris

"Yes, boys can be great. They are fun, protective, and wonderful to look at, however, there is more to life than boys. There are so many things that life has to offer, so why spend it wasting your time chasing after a boy? If a boy wants you, he will pursue you. Besides, a desperate girl is not attractive, as seen on the popular show "The Bachelor."

2. To The Boy Who Loved Me When I Didn't Feel Loveable, Thank You For Showing Me I Am Enough

By Kaylie S

"Thank you for staying with me when you didn't have to. Thank you for walking every hard step I've had to take with me. Thank you for standing for me on the days I can't. And thank you for loving me when I didn't even like myself."

3. 7 Hints Your SO Dropped For Valentine's Day That They Hope You're Remembering Right Now

By Amanda Parel

"Buying presents or making surprise plans for your boyfriend or girlfriend can get really difficult, but sometimes one person will try to make it easier on the other by dropping a hint about the things or gestures they would appreciate most."

4. I'm The Girl Who'll Always Make The First Move Because It's 2020, And I Can Ask For What I Want

By Amber Aikman

"Why wouldn't I ask a boy if he liked me or just ask him out? Why would I want to dissolve my own self-esteem by waiting for him to ask me out or not ask me at all? Personally, I say screw that. This is 2020, and if I want a boyfriend, dammit I will do it myself."

5. I Texted 'I Love You' To 11 People In My Contacts, And Their Responses Were Shockingly Refreshing

By Megan Carmen

"Maybe we should all start saying "I love you" a little more because a lot of people were genuinely confused as to why they were receiving this message out of nowhere."

6. This Will Be My First Single Valentine's Day In Five Years, And I'm 100 Percent Cool With It

By Lexi Schroeder

"While all the couples are out on dates on Valentine's Day, I'll be working and then probably going out to the bars with all the other singles... and I'll definitely be living my best life while doing that."

7. I Was Ghosted On Valentine's Day, And Here's How I Recovered From The Heartbreak

By Tatyannah King

"You ever meet someone and everything falls into place so smoothly that you begin to ask yourself, 'Wow, is this too good to be true?' only for it to be, in fact, exactly that — too good to be true?"

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