As you've seen every week, Odyssey creators never fail to create some of the most sharable content on the web — and we're not saying that just cause we're biased (though it definitely helps).

Because Swoon happens to be one of Odyssey's hottest verticals (naturally), we really can't get enough. This week — like last week and the week before that — dating and relationship content was just as steamy as ever.

In case you missed some of the week's top stories, we've rounded them up for you here:

1. My Boyfriend And I Choose Not To Celebrate Valentine's Day, And That's OK

By Sabrina Martinez

"When I met my boyfriend two years ago, I remembered telling him I didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day (we had started dating at the end of January and the beginning of February) and he asked me, 'Why?' I had to explain to him how inauthentic the holiday felt to me — that you can only celebrate this holiday if you have a significant other and that all couples celebrate on that one day instead of every day or on anniversaries."

2. 29 Romance Movies That'll Make You Feel The Love Even After Valentine's Day Is Over

By Rachel Riccobono

"If these movies, this month, or the new year haven't taught you anything, think again."

3. I'm Not In A Relationship Because I Don't Want To Be, So Stop Asking Me Why I'm Still Single

By Rheo Kate Aguilar

"As a longstanding veteran member of the 'third-wheeling' club, I do get jealous from time to time and wish I could be in a relationship of my own. And I can if I really wanted to. The wounds from my previous relationship have finally healed, and I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of dating again or getting into another relationship, whether it be serious or casual. But I don't want to."

4. I'm The Girl Who Loves To Have Sex, And That In No Way Makes Me A Slut, Thanks

By Lexi Schroeder

"Your self-worth is not defined by your body count. My sex life is no one's business but my own. I have sex... it could be with someone who I care about or it could be someone I just met that night. No one should shame you for doing something that doesn't affect them... especially if it's something as natural as sex."

5. 11 Places To Pick Up Free Condoms Because If There Is No Glove, There Is No Love

By Jennifer Kustanovich

"Even though condoms aren't expensive, we are broke college students and our sexual health should be of top importance. No glove, no love. Don't forget it because you don't want to regret not using one."

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