Odyssey creators never disappoint. Period.

When it comes to Swoon in particular, creators don't hold back — and we LOVE it! While every week brings exciting content for the dating and relationships vertical, this week's creator content got increasingly hot. From articles on loneliness and dating struggles to sex and proposals, everything was 100 percent worth *swooning* over (sorry, had to).

In case you missed some of the week's top stories, we've rounded them up for you here:

1. Snapchat Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Dating, And You Cannot Convince Me Otherwise

By Nikki Soto

We can't get enough of pieces that present a strong opinion to a culturally relevant topic and Nikki's piece about how Snapchat is ruining dating for her generation is a fabulous example of this.

2. If My Future Fiance Proposes To Me In Public, I Will 100 Percent Say NO

By Megan Patty

Proposals are personal (obviously) and Megan flawlessly shares her own viewpoint on a topic that has many.

3. To Every Girl In Our Generation Who Isn't Engaged, Married, Or Pregnant, You're FINE

By Kallee Gambrel

Kallee's piece on how we feel confident in following our own timelines without comparing ourselves to others is just the reminder we all need (whether single or taken) ahead of Valentine's Day.

4. 10 Things To Do When You're Lonely Instead Of Sending Your Ex A 'WYD' Snap At 6PM On A Tuesday

By Chani Corpus

Loneliness is real, especially during cuffing season. So Chani's funny tips for fighting the urge to text your ex when you're bored and/or feeling alone is exactly what we wanted — with a necessary laugh at the end.

5. 10 Sex Toys For Couples That Both Of You Are O So Sure To Enjoy This Valentine's Day

By Tatyannah King

Tatyannah always kills it with her timely sex content and this Valentine's Day sex toy piece is just the buzz (pun intended) we needed to get us excited for February.

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