"The Bachelor" this season just ended and Colton Underwood and decided that Cassie Randolph is his potential future wife-to-be, although there was no proposal. After nine weeks of nail-biting surprises and petty arguments, we learned quite a bit about each contestant featured on this season.

Many of us live for the drama that's included with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" series, but when it comes to 30 girls all fighting for the same guy, toxic traits do come out due to jealousy and envy. We saw what some of those behaviors were and then realized that some of them were the reason why some of the girls didn't get a rose and were sent home.

1. Participating in drama

"The Bachelor" is a reality TV show so of course drama is going to be involved... it's what keeps us interested honestly. Although we may like to see the cat fights and back stabbing moments, in "real" reality, drama can really affect your health. Drama is a lot more different than expressing your feelings.

2. Comparing yourself to someone else

The women who were featured in this year's season all range from different types of cultures, careers, and ages. A couple even participated in Miss USA pageants. Some girls compared themselves to others discreetly, and sadly many girls (including myself) compare ourselves to others. It can be a tole on your self-esteem and your overall mental health.

3. Seeking the "wrong" type of attention

Of course, all the women and men who are featured on "The Bachelor" or 'The Bachelorette' are beautiful human beings with pretty hair and banging bodies. Gaining attention by simply acting sexy or scandalous can bring his eyes quickly onto you which gives some of us the impression that guys will leave whatever they're doing that moment to pay attention to you which is sometimes the wrong type of attention.

4. Concerning about the future

The whole point of this show is to find love and get engaged at the end and live happily ever after. All the contestants on this show are hoping to win in the end and end up with a fiance. In my opinion, it seems a bit forced. Love should come naturally and you should know when the perfect time is and not expecting it. Most of the couples who end up together because of "The Bachelor" end up ending things within a couple of months anyway.

5. Looking for support from others

Getting support is totally fine, but when you're seeking it from everybody, that can be a problem. Many of the contestants are looking for approval from the bachelor and of course, want to be the one that he approves of most.

6. Judging others

We're all guilty of judging others at some point in our lives. It's human nature and we almost do it by instinct. From a few of the episodes I saw, some of the girls would judge others solely to talk them down to Colton to give them a better chance of getting the ring in the end. Judging others simply to make our self look better makes us uglier in the end.

7. Jealousy

Jealousy is expected on this show. Everyone has a crush on the main star so when you see someone else snuggling up next to them or kissing them, the claws come out. Jealousy can really break a relationship in a short amount of time if it gets out of hand. And we saw this on this season's "The Bachelor" a few times.