Usually, I like to start my Halloween festivities on October 1 (my birthday, cough) so it's totally acceptable for me to get the spooky season started. Besides horror movies, haunted houses, and costumes, the scariest part? Trying to find a boo.

Now, if you're anything like me, you wish you could have one of those nice, trusting, loyal relationships but can't seem to find the right guy that'll give you the world, who wants to give you the world. I don't usually set my expectations too high, I like to have my options. I am someone who really wants to find someone that'll be respectful to not just me, but my friends and family (This includes my dogs. You aren't nice to my dogs? Hit the curb, bud).

The idea of me getting into a relationship is just a weird concept to me. I'll be honest and say I haven't dated anyone in nearly three years. Sure, I've dabbled on dating apps, but those have just turned into sites where guys think with their dicks and that they can get some nude pics or a quick hookup and never talk to you again. I don't roll like that, sorry guys, I put respect toward my body, unlike you, who isn't clearly respecting what I value.

I've had "things" with guys, but that always ends in me getting screwed over and sad for a little bit. The last guy I had a thing with, I seriously thought we were hitting it off amazingly, and he did too, but, things happen, and then it was like *poof* and he was gone.

I mean, I also kind of put my guard up when it comes to who exactly I'm talking to. I have to get to know them before we really start hanging out and whatnot... got to make sure he isn't some Ted Bundy in disguise or a Jeffrey Dahmer who just wants to chop me into pieces and store my body parts somewhere. You never know with people these days.

Not only is getting in a relationship a weird concept to me overall, but I'm also scared.

I think just being mentally drained and overwhelmed in my first relationship, I didn't want other guys to be like that, so I've really kept my guard up when it comes to talking to guys. It sucks, yeah, I mean, I get all anxious when a guy starts flirting with me because I don't know what to say. (Pst I usually tell them I can't go anywhere without my dogs). Or guys realize I'm not gonna "put out" on the first meetup, sorry! Taking my clothes is a hassle, I like being comfy.

So what I'm really trying to get at is that, I'm starting to slowly open up more toward guys when it comes to flirting, dating, hanging out, whatnot. Of course, my anxiety still likes to take over, but, that's just something I'm gonna have to work on overcoming. Having a boyfriend during the spooky season to watch all the horror movies with and eat some caramel apples with would be ideal, would be nice, chill, you know?

Now grab your fuzzy socks, girls, don't pull your UGGs out until after Halloween (please), get your hoodies and scarves, and welcome spooky season, because it's about to get funky.

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