Stop the gossip because Miley and Liam aren't going anywhere.

A now disproven comment made to OK! Australia, the power couple reportedly broke up over a disagreement about settling down.

Thankfully, beyond this celeb gossip has been out shown by the "days without sex" tweets. We are truly blessed by the ingenuity of the internet.

1. Miley and Liam are still forevers.

2. Hemsworth men are so dreamy.

3. Life advice: use expensive condoms.

4. Seriously, tho.

5. @me when I go to a Star Wars movie.

6. Is an HGTV such a bad thing?

7. The answer to every man's problems.

8. See, an HGTV is where it's at.

9. "I want all of you, forever, everyday."

10. Girl, I always mess that one up too.

11. We love our puppers more than life.

12. Wow, sounds like everyone just wants a healthy relationship.

13. Next time, repeat yourself because they won't notice.

14. Tulips for me, please.

15. GTFO tinder straight girls unless your lookin for a bae.

16. Nice guys>>>

17. I love the irony.

18. Give me the cuddles.

19. Life hack of the week.

20. I love a good crier.

21. Any man worth marrying won't be able to stop himself.

22. Who doesn't love a good snuggle?