It’s great to have a significant other, but you need to love yourself first before you let someone else in your life. Things aren’t going to be perfect, but that’s how you learn and how you become stronger. Remember both ends of a relationship deserve love, compassion, importance, communication, respect, and loyalty. As such, here are eight things you definitely shouldn't expect from a relationship.

1. For him to pay all the time

It’s alright if he pays for you every once in a while, but remember that it’s OK for you to pay for him, too. We live in a different time where women and men can both have their own revenues. Both of you want to save money, and both are you are independent enough to not always rely on the other.

2. Neither of you should have to reply to texts immediately

You both have different things to do. If your partner doesn’t have to text you back within a minute; maybe they’re just busy or their phone died. Chill!

3. For your partner to be responsible for your happiness

If you can’t make yourself happy, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

4. For it to be lovey dovey 24/7

It’s cute and we all love it, but sometimes it’s healthy to fight every now and then. That doesn’t mean you should tolerate #5. Things can’t always be a fairy tale because there will be things you don’t agree on.


Fighting verbally is alright because everyone does, but if he ever lands a hand on you, you end it. If you had the courage to do it once, he will do it again. Same goes for if a woman hits you. Yes, guys can get abused too. And trust me there’s a difference between play fighting/accidents to him just hitting you.
An immediate access pass to being petty and passive-aggressive. We’ve all done it, and if you think things will work out like that, you won’t go far with them. Always talk to them if you’re uncomfy with something. If you guys really love each other, you’ll make it work.

6. For your partner to end friendships with the same sex

You should trust your partner to have friends that are girls and friends that are guys. Most situations are just friendly, and if you suspect something, talk to them about it.

7. Don’t expect every guy/girl is the same

Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean the next one will be the same. It just means you have to pay more attention to the people you fall for.