So you like someone and you want to go out on a date with them, right? First dates can be extremely nerve-wracking and you may be stuck on what activity to do and where to go. There are so many expectations and let's be honest, first impressions are everything. What do you plan?

A dinner date is too much pressure. I never like to do this on a first date. It's always expected that it's gonna be a nice restaurant, so the food is gonna be more expensive. Am I gonna order the $30 pasta or the $20 salad that's basically just lettuce and ranch with maybe two tiny pieces of grilled chicken on top? Then you have to make sure you look good.

Yes, looking good in general on a date is a must, but with a dinner date, you have to put more effort into looking nice whilst making sure you're not overdoing it. You don't want to do something that makes it seem like you're trying too hard, but you also don't want to be lazy about it either. Due to all of these factors, you don't get to learn about the other person because you're so focused on everything other than your date. See? Dinner dates are just stressful.

Low-key dates are so much better and less anxiety induced.

There is a difference between being a lazy planner and planning something simple — There is nothing wrong with doing this! Simply grabbing a coffee, getting ice cream, or walking around a plaza and sightseeing is great. It leaves room to be able to have a conversation with someone and to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

(If you want to do something a step above that: Go mini golfing, a museum/aquarium, maybe even an arcade!)

Dates don't have to be that stressful. Find out people's interests and take it from there. I'm here for the low-key first date.